LG 86TR3DK-B 86″ 4K UHD LED Digital Signage with Android 11 OS & Whiteboard Software
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LG 86TR3DK-B 86″ 4K UHD LED Digital Signage with Android 11 OS & Whiteboard Software


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Product Highlights

  • 3,840 × 2,160 Resolution
  • 440 Nit Brightness
  • Landscape Orientation
  • 16/7 Operation
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Product Highlights
  • 3,840 × 2,160 Resolution
  • 440 Nit Brightness
  • Landscape Orientation
  • 16/7 Operation

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DUNS #074303253

Included In The Box

  • Power Cord (3 M × 1)
  • USB Cable (Type A-Type B) 5 M × 1
  • HDMI Cable (3 M × 1)
  • Writing Pen × 2 Pcs
  • User Manual
  • QSG
  • Carton Box
  • Remote Controller
  • Wi-Fi Module

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Class is being conducted in the classroom, and the class material screen which is displayed on the classroom wall's LG CreateBoard is being shared on the students' tablets.


A New Level of Classroom with LG CreateBoard

 Students are solving problems using various ruler models on the LG CreateBoard menu.


Various Teaching Templates

LG 86TR3DK-B CreateBoard is a versatile tool that offers a wide range of educational templates and teaching aids such as rulers, tables, and sticky notes. This enables students to actively participate and engage in lessons, resulting in a more intuitive and immersive learning experience. The software’s image and video editing tools simplify the creation of learning resources, and sharing them with others is made effortless using QR codes. Whether in a classroom or remote learning environment, LG CreateBoard makes teaching and learning more interactive, dynamic, and collaborative.

In the classroom, several students are simultaneously writing on the LG CreateBoard screen.



LG CreateBoard offers a lifelike board touch experience with multi-touch functionality that can detect up to 40 points simultaneously. With this advanced feature, students can easily engage in classes and become accustomed to the touch interface, leading to maximum concentration and organic engagement.


Materials used to conduct class can be shared through the LG CreateBoard's import and export function after class.


Easy to Save / Import / Export

LG CreateBoard makes it easy to import and export resources with its simple functionality. You can easily save and import resources directly to and from Google Drive or OneDrive. Additionally, files can be imported from a USB drive, allowing users to browse through resources saved on USB storage. With these features, creating and sharing content with the LG CreateBoard is both effortless and efficient.

The LG CreateBoard can easily share screens with multiple devices in real time via app and website.


Wireless ScreenShare

With LG CreateBoard Share, users can display up to 9 shared screens or a file on a screen in real-time by installing the LG CreateBoard Share app on their device. This allows for easy collaboration and sharing of information during meetings or presentations. Additionally, the host can quickly send files to any devices connected to the LG CreateBoard Share app and utilize several quick controls for a seamless experience.


An IT manager is managing/controlling the status of the LG CreateBoard through LG ConnectedCare DMS.


LG ConnectedCare DMS


LG ConnectedCare DMS is a cloud-based solution designed for remote monitoring, controlling, and managing the status of LG CreateBoard installed in educational environments. With this feature, IT managers can efficiently operate and manage resources on operating devices without the need for physical visits to the site. This allows for easy and convenient device management, which can increase productivity and save time for IT staff.

The IT manager can remotely control devices in the classroom such as the power on/off, scheduling, brightness, and screen lock functions.


Remote-control / Scheduling

Users can easily access frequently used controls, such as power on/off, scheduling, brightness, and screen lock functions using a convenient remote control. This feature allows for streamlined operation and easy management of the LG CreateBoard.

Alert messages and announcements can be sent individually to the classroom devices from the main system.


Broadcasting / Alert Messaging

With LG ConnectedCare DMS, messages and other content can be easily sent from the main system to individual devices in classrooms. This feature comes in handy during emergencies, such as fires or natural disasters, as alert messages can be manually distributed across the system, helping teachers and students to promptly take safety actions. Additionally, this cloud solution enables IT managers to remotely monitor, control, and manage the status of LG CreateBoard devices installed in educational environments, allowing them to operate and manage critical resources without physically visiting sites.

The user can set a threshold for receiving an warning/error signal for eight categories: display temperature, CPU usage, etc.


Threshold Settings

With LG ConnectedCare DMS, users can set thresholds in eight categories such as display temperature, memory usage, and signal. This feature enables users to receive warning or error notifications based on their threshold settings. By doing so, users can quickly respond to any potential issues and prevent any disruptions in classroom activities.

The current status of the issue is easily indicated in categories, enabling for quick real-time responses.


Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis

Real-time status checks and remote diagnosis are available to engineers through LG ConnectedCare DMS. Issues are categorized by their current status, enabling quick responses and easy viewing of all problems. This feature allows for efficient troubleshooting, reducing downtime and minimizing disruption to classroom activities.

Issues can be managed remotely with an LG ConnectedCare DMS solution.


Issue Management

LG ConnectedCare DMS offers remote issue management, enabling safer and more efficient management while ensuring the stable operation of the classroom. With this feature, IT managers can monitor the status of LG CreateBoard devices installed in educational environments and diagnose issues remotely in real-time. The system categorizes the current status of issues, making it easy to view and respond quickly. This ensures that any problems can be resolved promptly, minimizing disruption to classroom activities.

The LG CreateBoard can wirelessly connect to devices such as keyboards, mice, and speakers via Bluetooth.


Bluetooth Connectivity

LG CreateBoard enables seamless wireless Bluetooth connections to a range of devices such as speakers, mice, keyboards, and more. This feature is particularly useful in creating a hybrid environment that ensures a smooth transition between online and offline classes.

The LG CreateBoard easily transmits data via USB-C connectivity and can charge up to 65W.


C-type Connection

With USB-C connectivity, connections become more convenient as a single cable can charge and transfer data simultaneously, simplifying the process.

Log in can be done easily with a QR code, saving class preparation time and enhancing personal information security by simply logging out.


QR Login for Easy Cloud Access

With the QR code feature on the home screen, preparing for class has never been easier. Users can quickly verify their personal devices and sign up for apps such as Google Drive and OneDrive with just one scan, eliminating the need for additional login processes. After finishing a lesson, users can easily disconnect by clicking the Logout button, reducing the risk of personal information leaks. This feature streamlines the classroom experience and allows for a smooth and secure transition between users.

Thanks to the LG CreateBoard's flicker-free function, even if you look at the screen for a long time, you can use the device with more comfort.


Advanced Eye-Care

LG CreateBoard has implemented a flicker-free feature that reduces the flickering of the monitor’s backlight. This allows users to use the device more comfortably, even for extended periods of time.

The LG CreateBoard has ports on the front such as USB and HDMI.


Front Connectivity Design

LG CreateBoard comes equipped with front-facing display ports and speakers that deliver a more immersive sound experience. This feature is beneficial for both teachers and students, as it enhances the delivery of content and creates a more engaging classroom atmosphere.

The Built-in OPS slot makes mounting an OPS easy, providing users with more extended functionality without the use of external desktops.


Built-in OPS Slot

The OPS slots supported by LG CreateBoard provide a convenient solution to mount OPS desktops at the back of the board, without requiring external connections. This feature offers expanded functionality and ease of use for users.

The Smart Viewing function includes a multi-window mode that displays data side by side as well as a picture-in-picture mode that can override other data on top of the displayed data.


Smart Viewing

The Smart Viewing feature of LG CreateBoard enhances teaching efficiency. With this feature, teachers can display two or more materials on the same screen simultaneously without the need to switch between them repeatedly, thus making teaching more convenient and efficient. Teachers can choose to display two materials side by side in multi-window mode or overlay one material on the other in picture-in-picture mode.

If there is no input for a certain period of time, it changes to standby mode, and it can be turned on or off automatically by setting the time, thus saving power.


Power Saving

LG CreateBoard is designed with an energy-saving feature that puts the device in standby mode when it doesn’t receive an external input signal for a specific period set by the user. Moreover, users can set specific times or days to turn the device on or off automatically, contributing to energy conservation.

The Screen Lock function allows you to lock and unlock the screen.


Screen Lock

LG CreateBoard provides a Screen Lock feature that allows teachers to protect the device from unauthorized users. By setting a password, teachers can lock the screen and prevent any access to the device. This function provides an extra layer of security to ensure that only authorized users have access to the device. The Screen Lock setting can be found in the Settings menu.

Secure Mode for blocking unauthorized contents.


Secure Mode

LG CreateBoard features a Secure Mode that enables users to disable the LG CreateBoard Share function, preventing unauthorized content from being displayed on other devices. This provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that sensitive information is not shared without the user’s consent.

The LG CreateBoard can be set to disable USBs connected to displays for security purposes.


USB Lock Mode

The USB Lock Mode of LG CreateBoard is an essential security feature for spaces where security is critical. It helps prevent data from being copied to unauthorized devices, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of important information.

The LG CreateBoard can be set to automatically delete files after a specific period of time.


Auto-remove Files

Users can set LG CreateBoard to delete files regularly for enhanced security.

Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Viewing Angle 178° Horizontal / 178° Vertical
Response Time 8ms
Sound Output 15W x 2
Screen Size (Diagonal) 86"
Dimensions w/ Stand (W x H x D)
Dimension w/o Stand (WxHxD) 77 × 46 × 4"
Inputs HDMI (3, HDCP 2.2), RGB (VGA), Audio In, RS-232C In, RJ45 (LAN), USB 3.0 Type A (4), USB 2.0 Type A, USB Type C (USB-PD, DP-Alt)
Outputs HDMI Out, Audio Out (1, Optical 1 (SPDIF)), Touch USB (2), RJ45 (LAN)
Weight without Stand 130 lbs
Weight with Stand
Monitor Configuration Touchscreen
Brightness (cd/m) 440
Native Resolution 3840 x 2160
Display orientation Landscape
Duty Cycle (Hours of Use) 16/7
WiFi Yes
Communication Port
Refresh rate
TAA Compliant Array
PDF Documents
DUNS #074303253
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