Epson V12H812001 Fixed 3″ SpeedConnect Extension Column for Select Projectors
SKU: V12H812001
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Epson V12H812001 Fixed 3″ SpeedConnect Extension Column for Select Projectors
SKU: V12H812001


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DUNS #074303253

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This Fixed 1-1/2″ SpeedConnect Extension Column (ELPMBC04) lowers projectors to the desired height.

Mount Type Ceiling
Projector Mounts Color White
Weight Capacity 500 lb
Tilt -

Compatibility Epson Projectors:

BrightLink 436Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD
BrightLink 536Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD
EX100 Multimedia
EX21 Multimedia
EX51 Multimedia
EX5220 Wireless XGA 3LCD
EX5230 Pro XGA 3LCD
EX71 Multimedia
EX7220 Wireless WXGA 3LCD
EX7235 Pro Wireless HD WXGA 3LCD
EX90 Multimedia
PowerLite 1222 Wireless XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1262W Wireless WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1263W Wireless HD WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1710c Multimedia
PowerLite 1730W Multimedia
PowerLite 1750 Multimedia
PowerLite 1751 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1760W Multimedia
PowerLite 1761W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1770W Multimedia
PowerLite 1771W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1775W Multimedia
PowerLite 1776W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1830 Multimedia
PowerLite 1850W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1880 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1915 Multimedia
PowerLite 1930 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1940W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1945W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1950 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1955 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1960 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1965 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1975W WXGA Wireless 3LCD Multimedia
PowerLite 1980WU WUXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 1985WU WUXGA Wireless 3LCD
PowerLite 4100 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 410W Multimedia
PowerLite 420 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 4200W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 425W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 430 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 4300 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 435W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 530 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 6110i Multimedia
PowerLite 825+ Multimedia
PowerLite 826W Multimedia
PowerLite 826W+ Multimedia
PowerLite 83+ Multimedia
PowerLite 83V+ Multimedia
PowerLite 84 Multimedia
PowerLite 84+ Multimedia
PowerLite 85+ Multimedia
PowerLite 905 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 915W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 92 Multimedia
PowerLite 93 Multimedia
PowerLite 93+ XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 935W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 95 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 955WH WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 965 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 965H XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 96W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 97 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 97H XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 98 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 98H XGA 3LCD
PowerLite 99W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite 99WH WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite D6150 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite D6155W WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite D6250 XGA 3LCD
PowerLite G5000
PowerLite Pro G5150NL
PowerLite Pro G5200WNL
PowerLite Pro G5350NL
PowerLite Pro G5450WU WUXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL WUXGA 3LCD
PowerLite Pro G5550 XGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
PowerLite Pro G5550NL XGA 3LCD
PowerLite Pro G5650W WXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
PowerLite Pro G5650WNL WXGA 3LCD
PowerLite Pro G5750WU WUXGA 3LCD with Standard Lens
PowerLite Pro G5750WUNL WUXGA 3LCD
PowerLite Pro G5950 XGA 3LCD with Standard Lens

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