Epson Introduces New Digital Signage Projector Lineup to Help Transform Experiences

New 3LCD Laser Displays Combine Powerful Projection with User-Friendly Software for Informational, Impactful and Experiential Signage Applications

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today expanded its powerful laser lineup. Offering reliable, low-maintenance solutions, the new PowerLite® models come equipped with intelligent software, robust connectivity and flexible installation options to project content virtually anywhere, unlike other signage technology. Epson’s new solutions inspire creativity and make it easy to deliver impactful and informative displays across a range of environments, including retail, hospitality and education. From projecting timely messaging such as social distancing directions, to increasing efficiency with instant sale display abilities, to illuminating unique dining ambiances, the new models can enhance the way customers interact with brands and products.

“Engagement drives growth and experiences drive engagement. As environments continue to evolve and business owners look for new ways to stand out, it is important for them to optimize existing spaces and deliver clear, impactful and relevant content,” said Remi Del Mar, product manager, Epson America, Inc. “This new lineup provides innovative, experiential signage solutions that are affordable, reliable and easy-to-use to help empower users to engage with consumers in deeper and more meaningful ways.”

Boasting from 2000 – 5000 lumens of brightness, equal color and white brightness, the projector lineup leverages Epson’s 3LCD laser technology and up to Full HD 1080p resolution. Delivering up to 150 inches of bright, colorful, easy-to-read visuals, the projectors offer a low-cost and low-maintenance long term operation. Featuring a range of ultra short-throw to standard-throw models, the new displays make it easy and affordable for practically anyone to unleash dynamic content and meet today’s signage needs.

The new Epson PowerLite 250F, 750F and 800F are powered by a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source, along with 360-degree placement and a full stack of connectivity options including HDBaseT with optional 5GHz wireless and Miracast via Epson’s iProjectionTM app. Users can also connect two or more displays and leverage built-in edge blending to support classroom applications or illuminate an entire wall with one large image. Plus, the split screen feature allows users to connect multiple input sources for displaying different content. Also available in black – PowerLite 255F, 755F and 805F – the projectors aesthetically blend better in environments where color purity matters.

The Epson PowerLite 250F, 255F, 750F, 755F, 800F and 805F include Epson’s new, free content management software with the accompanying Epson Creative Content Projection app that combines operational and design elements to help drive efficiency and creativity. The software allows easy access and an array of creative elements, enabling users to combine videos and photos, and use existing preset filters or upload new ones to deliver unique effects. With convenient playlist and schedule functions, users can display content at ideal times that will drive the most impact for a brand, product or space. Epson’s Creative Projection app offers impromptu iOS device messaging and selection with touchscreen capabilities for image adjustment and projection directly from the device.

Just under six pounds, the Epson PowerLite W70 and PowerLite W75 mini laser projectors for signage are compact yet powerful with an impressive laser light source. With the ability to project dynamic, on-the-go content, the ultra-portable mini laser projectors are designed for classrooms, meeting spaces and signage projects. Projecting from nearly anywhere in the room, the models feature a sleek, modern design in both black and white to blend into a variety of décor styles. Plus, with Bluetooth® connectivity and built-in HDMI connections for streaming devices, sharing engaging content has never been easier.

Additional Product Details and Availability:

ProductColor & White BrightnessResolutionColorHDBaseTAvailability
Epson PowerLite W702,000 lumensWXGAWhiteNoJune 2020
Epson PowerLite W752,000 lumensWXGABlackNoJune 2020
Epson PowerLite 800F5,000 lumensFull HD 1080pWhiteYesSept. 2020
Epson PowerLite 805F5,000 lumensFull HD 1080pBlackYesSept. 2020
Epson PowerLite 750F3,600 lumensFull HD 1080pWhiteNoSept. 2020
Epson PowerLite 755F3,600 lumensFull HD 1080pBlackNoSept. 2020
Epson PowerLite 250F4,500 lumensFull HD 1080pWhiteNoNov. 2020
Epson PowerLite 255F4,500 lumensFull HD 1080pBlackNoNov. 2020

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